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The speed and quality of the glulam roofing production process is ensured by:

  • In the production of roof rafters, we use only 13 meters long finger-jointed structural wood,
    therefore, all the details of the rafter are in full length – there is no need to continue the wood.
  • Cross-sections used in glulam roofing structures:
    Width 60 mm to 200 mm, Height 80 mm to 800 mm
  • Modern design software Dietrich’s 3D CAD / CAM that allows to design complex roof structures
  • Experienced and skilled designers and strength meters
  • Only high quality calibrated and strength graded C24 wood and glulam
  • Hundegger Speed-Cut SC-3 and Hundegger K2

Wood is a renewable resource and by nature a lightweight material. Therefore, construction of a lattice
in the modern construction market is on the one hand economical and environmentally friendly,
but also structurally light and easy to install.

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